9.15 – 10.15am Friday mornings

Get a great cardiovascular workout while improving your game

Our Tennaerobic programme provides an hour-long fun, action packed combination of exercise and tennis drills taught by teaching professionals.

The Tennaerobic programme includes:

v 10 minute warm-up

v 50 minute Cardiovascular workout

v 10 minute cool down

Tennaerobics is essentially a fitness program, designed to get people moving and active… and less about hitting great tennis strokes.

The programme will raise your heart rate into its aerobic zone whilst the coach challenges your ability and fitness level.


Tennaerobics with Music

Music is sometimes used to introduce a rhythmic feeling for tennis – an entirely new experience.

Tennaerobics for all Standards of Players

Drills are geared to the standard of the player and provide an optimum cardiovascular workout combined with the opportunity to improve your standard of play – certainly more fun than working out in a gym or other forms of exercise.

Pulse Rate


Benefits of Cardiovascular Workouts

Evidence indicates that to improve overall health and reduced the risk of heart disease; we need between 30 - 60 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic exercise, preferably 3 timers per week. Tennaerobics can go a long way toward providing this benefit to your health.


Benefits of Tennaerobics

  • Participants consistently raise their heart rates into their aerobic training zone.
  • It is far more fun than working out on machines or other fitness activities.
  • It is a type of interval training - short periods of high intensity workouts and periods of rest.
  • Importantly, it is a fun activity where players of all abilities enjoy tennis and exercising together – the focus being on a challenging workout.
  • Don’t be surprised when your ’game’ improves – you will have hit many balls and repeated many strokes.

Cardio Zone


Get into your aerobic heart rate zone ... and stay there.

To improve fitness your heart rate must be raised into its individualized aerobic target training zone - Tennaerobics provides the means to do this.


Recommended Heart Rate Range

The basic calculation is done this way:

Subtract your age from 220 = your maximum acceptable heart rate

The player's ideal Tennaerobic workout zone is 65 to 85 percent of this number


Heart Rate Monitors

Brings technology and real exercise measurements to Tennaerobics



The best way to measure your exercise intensity is with the use of a heart rate monitor. They give exact measurements, and are used as a means of telling you to either "get moving" or "slow down"


Heart Rate Chart

To get the desired cardiovascular workout… stay in your cardio zone.

Take a look at the chart below, which shows a person's heart rate over a 60 minute time period during Tennaerobics. You can see how they go through a warm-up phase and then get into their zone... not too high... not too low.